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Parrent Smith Investigations & Research is a full service private investigation firm. We find information to help you make better decisions, whether in litigation, business or just in order to move on in life. Although we primarily work for attorneys, our clients have included municipalities, non-profits and companies, large and small.

Our skills as investigators can be applied to various types of cases. A background check, for example, is important in everything from employment cases to fraud cases to business mergers and acquisitions. The asset searches we do are important for people or businesses trying to collect judgments but also in marriage dissolutions where one party might be trying to hide assets from the other party. Interviewing witnesses is something we are skilled at and do for many kinds of cases. We are also one of the few private investigation companies that have worked on very large, long running environmental cases.

We provide proposals or cost estimates as well as supervision by either Nic Smith or Joanne Parrent on all of our cases. For a free consultation, please call or email us at either of our offices.


HONESTY. We are honest with our clients and potential clients. Many people think that private investigators can find out anything they want to find out.Unlike detectives in TV and movies, they often can't. We don't take on cases unless we feel we can help a client solve their problem within the budget they have. We promise to make sure a potential client understands the limits of what we can do, both legally and for a reasonable cost.


worldwide Asset investigations

With our collective 75 years of investigative experience, we are proud of our ability to find bank accounts, stock accounts, real estate, vehicles and other assets ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD.

We are always happy to answer your questions. Please don't hesitate to call or send us an email.


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Joanne Parrent
CA Lic #24108
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Nichols J. Smith, CPP
CA Lic # 5617
Direct: 800-516-2448
Cell: 949-689-7708
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