Bronze Essential Background Check

This check is recommended for all employees who are not key employees and those who do not handle money or financial records. The check includes the following:

Social Security Number Verification and Address Trace

Social Security Number Verification and Address Trace is an important aspect of verifying that an applicant is providing accurate information. Some applicants will conceal their previous address in an attempt to hide prior criminal convictions. This check will provide a list of current and previous addresses and any other names used by the applicant. Additionally, it will validate the social security number by providing the state and date range of issuance.

County Criminal Search

A County Criminal Record Search is the most accurate method to determine if an applicant has a criminal record. Law enforcement officials report charges resulting from arrests on felony, misdemeanor and other offenses at the county court level. This manual search should be conducted in counties where the applicant is most likely to have any information filed, such as current and former counties of residency for the last 7 years. (In the event you are hiring someone who will be paid more than $75,000.00 a year, the seven year limitation imposed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act does not apply and we will check for 10 years. Parrent Smith Investigations uses reliable databases for all counties that are online. If the subject has lived in a county that is not in one of our databases, investigators will physically visit the courthouse to check for records for an additional fee of $75 per court visit plus additional court fees that vary by location.

Federal Criminal Check

We search for violations of Federal law, which are recorded in US Federal District Courts databases. Federal cases may involve serious offenses such as: embezzlement, weapons charges, immigration violation, robbery, drug trafficking and kidnapping.

Cost for Bronze Essential Background Check: $150 (without manual court searches)

Pre-Employment Background Checks

Silver Essential Background Check (with verifications)

This report includes all of the checks included in the Bronze Essential Background Check, plus verification of employment, education and references. This check is recommended when your company does not have the qualified staff time necessary to do thorough verification calls.

Gold Essential Background Check (with verifications and additional searches)

This report is recommended for the hiring of key employees. It covers all of the above essential checks and verifications included in the Silver Essential Background Check, plus 9 additional searches, including a media search, officer/director records and civil litigation searches.

Custom Reports and Special Reports for Particular Employees

Call or email us to discuss custom reports. The following reports are recommended additions for particular types of employees

  • License or Certification Verification
  • Credit Report History
  • Motor Vehicle Report (MVR)
  • Sex Offender Registry Search

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