Competitive Intelligence

How can your company make better decisions about investments, acquisitions and expansion into new markets or new areas? Parrent Smith Investigations and Research provides Competitive Intelligence Reports that can help you develop strategies for business success.

We can provide intelligence about your competitors or potential competitors, including their possible weaknesses and vulnerabilities, can identify potential risk areas and market threats and provide comprehensive research into the competitive environment that you are contemplating entering.

Developing smarter market strategies based on the intelligence Parrent Smith can supply you will help your company succeed in today's aggressive global economy. A company that does not have comprehensive information about their competitors is at a distinct disadvantage, even when the company offers the highest quality products or services. Our clear and well-written reports will provide you with better knowledge of the industry you are contemplating entering, its market structure, pricing and cost structure and marketing or distribution practices, any government or regulatory issues, as well as potential competitor initiatives (before they are launched) so you can prepare your response in advance.

For a discussion of your specific needs and how we may be able to tailor a Competitive Intelligence Report to meet those business needs, please call either of our office locations.

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