Custom Reports

If you do not feel that the either of the Bronze, Silver or Gold report options meet your company's needs, please call or email us to discuss how we can design a report that will better serve your company and meet your specific needs. Custom reports will not cost any extra, but may in fact save you money. For example perhaps you want the Basic criminal checks of our Bronze Report as well as the comprehensive database sweeps of our Gold Background Check but you prefer to do the employment and education verification in-house. We could easily prepare this Bronze/Gold report for you for $550.

Or, you may wish to add one of the following special reports to your background checks and combine them with another a regular or custom report.

Special Reports for Particular Employees

The following reports are recommended additions for particular types of employees:

License or Certification Verification

If the hiring position requires a professional certification or license, this report is essential. Our investigators verify license type and number, issuing authority, issue date, expiration date, any disciplinary action, and current status.

Cost: $50

Credit Report History

This report is recommended for potential employees who will have fiduciary or cash handling responsibilities. It can also alert you to financial situations that may have an impact on the applicant's ethics. The report includes current and previous debts, payment history, bankruptcy records, previous residential history and current financial status.

Cost: $50.00

Motor Vehicle Report (MVR)

This report is essential for potential employees who will be driving a company vehicle or driving their own vehicle for company use. MVR shows driving records, including commercial driving license status (CDL), for at least three years and up to seven years. It also captures all infractions including DUI's.

Cost: $50

Sex Offender Registry Search

This search can be a critical component in pre-employment screening for applicants who will have contact with children. The Sex Offender Registry Search scans records from 42 states that supply them.

Cost: $50

Pre-Employment Background Checks

Bronze Essential Background Check

This report is recommended for all employees who are not key employees and those who do not handle money or financial records.

Silver Essential Background Check (with verifications)

This report includes all of the checks included in the Bronze Essential Background Check, plus verification of employment, education and references. This check is recommended when your company does not have the qualified staff time necessary to do thorough verification calls.

Gold Essential Background Check (with verifications and additional searches)

This report is recommended for the hiring of key employees. It covers all of the above essential checks and verifications included in the Silver Essential Background Check, plus 9 additional searches, including a media search, officer/director records and civil litigation searches.

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