Cyber and Communications Investigations

In today's digital world, many investigations are greatly enhanced by information and facts that can be obtained through investigations of computer and phone communications. We use the most sophisticated and current legal techniques to help our clients. Below are some examples of cases where we have used our knowledge and resources in the area of computers and telephone communication to bring a case to a favorable conclusion:

Stalker Cases

Cyber and telephone investigations can be critical in stalking cases. In a recent case involving a stalker who was harassing a well-known celebrity, the stalker was using a cell phone with an unlisted number. We were able to locate the owner of the cell phone and the address that corresponded to it. The stalker was also relentlessly harassing our client, his family and his representatives with emails. We were able to trace the source of the emails to the computer facilities of a public library. Knowing those two bits of information was a strong starting point for an investigation that successfully located and stopped the stalker from her relentless abusive telephone and email attacks on our client.

Difficult Locate and Process Service

In a matter involving locating a reluctant witness for deposition in a federal civil trial, we were able to use the information that was on a domain name she had filed, including an email located in that information to discover an address where we were able to serve her successfully.

Asset Investigations

A banking client of ours with a substantial judgment against a wily debtor had not been able to find any assets, despite turning it over to their collection department for follow-up. We were retained to try and find something the bank could execute on. By reversing unlisted telephone numbers and anonymous emails, we were able to discover the debtor's ownership of a 63-foot sailing craft and locate where it was berthed. Our client was able to seize the vessel and sell it, satisfying the judgment.

Business Litigation

We were retained in a matter involving a dispute between two competing companies over the question of whose product was first established on the Internet. One company had acquired a domain name and announced the product first, but didn't publish its website right away. The other firm acquired a similar domain name with a different extension and published its site. Using the tools available to research the "Deep Web", such as the Way Back Machine, we were able to establish facts that led to a settlement of the case.

Family Law

A client of ours had suspicions that her husband was engaged in an Internet relationship with another woman. The computer that the couple used was in a common area of the house and both husband and wife used it. We were able to copy the hard drive of the computer and in review the information on it. We learned the email address of the Internet paramour. From that, we were able to establish her identity and location. When confronted with the information the husband admitted to the emotional affair (it was never physically consummated) and our client filed for dissolution of marriage shortly thereafter.

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