Due Diligence Services

For companies and individuals, due diligence can often save thousands, if not millions, in later costs. Whether a company is contemplating a merger, acquisition, joint venture, distribution arrangement or other business alliance, Parrent Smith Investigations can provide the relevant background information needed before finalizing a deal.

Our due diligence investigations include comprehensive public records and database research on companies and their principals, as well as in-depth personal profiles, reviews of company practices and assessments of an individual's or a company's reputation. We are able to review and digest large numbers of documents, including public records, statutory filings, minutes of company meetings, financial statements, tax returns and other material, to provide a readable report with not only facts, but analysis and conclusions. Our recommendations are always backed up by documents that clients can review. Our reports not only identify issues that may make a client company decide not to go through with the deal, but also suggest risks to be aware of if a client decides to go forward.

Corporations, including insurance companies, real estate developers, investment bankers, as well as private investors, have relied on our due diligence investigations to provide the essential background information and analyses from which they can fully evaluate new business relationships. We also have available a network of experienced, multilingual investigators and contacts worldwide for companies doing business outside the U.S. Having investigated numerous fraud cases, PSI is also particularly sensitive to issues relating to money laundering and organized crime affiliation (see Internal Corporate Investigations).

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