With the ever-increasing availability of both the methods for and the means to bug room conversations or monitor telephone calls, the instances of this type of invasion of privacy has skyrocketed in recent times. What used to be fairly uncommon has become all too common.

Despite the fact that federal law makes it illegal to use an electronic eavesdropping device to listen to or record other people's private conversations, the headlines day after day report instances of spouses who have taped recorded telephone conversations of unfaithful (real or imagined) partners, competitors who have used wiretapping or other illegal measures to seek to gain a market advantage and government agencies that have spied on citizens without warrants. In Los Angeles recently, the Hollywood community has been shaken by widespread allegations of illegal wiretapping activities by a private investigator, apparently with the knowledge of some of the clients who hired him.

Given these trends, the need for secure and safe communications has never been greater. Unfortunately, there has been a proliferation of amateurs touting their ability to "find every bug and tap".

The real hunt for bugs and taps or "Technical Surveillance Countermeasures" (TSCM), as it is known in professional circles, requires a significant investment in equipment ($100,00.00 and up) and a knowledgeable countermeasures expert who does this work on a full-time basis.

Parrent Smith has that expertise and available equipment, coupled with over 75 years of investigative experience to do the work, as it needs to be done. A real TSCM search of a business takes days, not hours. It always involves an extensive physical search as well as a sweep of the R/F bands for evidence of covert transmissions from the target location.

If you suspect that you or your company may be the victim of electronic eavesdropping, we can help. When you need a TSCM investigation done right, call Parrent Smith. And don't call us from the telephones or the location that you suspect may be compromised!!

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