Environmental toxic tort: Fallon Nevada

The Story:

Fallon Nevada is the site of the U.S. Navy's "TOP GUN" flight school. It is also the site of a leukemia cancer cluster that has affected 17 children, two of whom, Adam Jernee and Stephanie Sands, died.

The Case:

Plaintiffs in the Jernee and Sands matters claim that defendants negligently and intentionally failed to inspect, repair and replace unidentified segments of their pipeline and facilities, allowing "harmful substances and emissions and gases" to damage "the environment and health of human beings '. The suspected chemical agent is benzene found in jet fuel. Plaintiffs claim "Adam Jernee's death was caused by leukemia that, in turn, is believed to be due to exposure to industrial chemicals and toxins." The same claim is made on behalf of Stephanie Sands.

Our investigative mandate was to, among other things, investigate the backgrounds of each of the decedents with regards to such matters as, where did the decedents live and were the time periods during which they asserted exposure to the contaminant(s) verifiable? Our investigation, which brought forth significant credibility issues, has allowed our client to vigorously defend their position.

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