Intellectual Property Investigations

One of the most important challenges for today's companies is how to protect valuable Intellectual Property in this era of global pirating and cloning of products.

Joanne Parrent's background in the entertainment and publishing industries has been invaluable in developing Parrent Smith's Intellectual Property investigative division, and Nic Smith's background in security measures has helped our clients develop systems to prevent breaches of their Intellectual Property.

Parrent Smith's independent Intellectual Property investigations can assist attorneys and companies who are involved in or contemplating IP litigation or, prior to litigation, when the theft of intellectual property is suspected. Our services can also help with licensing issues or new product development. In addition, our security division helps companies develop cost effective strategies and tools to meet this ever-increasing challenge.

Please contact us to learn how our IP investigative division can help with the following issues:

  • Patent Investigations
  • Litigation assistance, including prior art searching and finding key technical experts
  • Trademark investigations
  • Review of trademark searches, including investigation of whether companies are still using trademarks
  • Finding related trademarks and investigating the background of those using related trademarks
  • Counterfeit investigations
  • Copyright investigations
  • Prior Art searches for copyrightable material
  • Piracy prevention

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