Internal Corporate Investigations

No company is immune to internal fraud. The damage from fraud can be devastating to a company - not just from the financial loss involved, but also from the breakdown in trust that can spread throughout the company. Our impartial investigative services allow clients to re-build the integrity of their operation following incidents of embezzlement, money laundering, fraud, hidden assets, hostile acts and pilfered trade secrets.

Parrent Smith Investigations thoroughly investigates incidents to first find the source of the problem, then help clients take steps to stop improper activities and recover stolen assets, if possible. In addition, we help client put in place safeguards to prevent fraud in the future and rebuild the trust that may have been damaged with customers, clients or partners.

We generally work with legal counsel and the top management of the company on internal fraud cases. We perform third-party inquiries that are discreet, but get to the heart of the matter quickly. And always, we remain the objective fact-gatherers.

Once all the evidence has been gathered through a thorough independent investigation, PSI, together with corporate legal counsel, advises clients on how best to proceed, including steps needed to try to regain control of stolen assets or intellectual property.

We Investigate:

  • Civil and criminal fraud
  • Management/employee fraud and theft
  • Electronic crimes
  • Procurement fraud

In addition, PSI provides the management team of our clients with any level of fraud awareness / training deemed appropriate.

For additional information on internal and fraud investigations, please click on the following case studies:

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