International Asset Searches

Because we routinely perform searches for banks, stocks and real property inside the United States, we are frequently asked if we can perform the same type of searches outside of the United States. The answer - and how much it costs - depends upon the country involved. Some countries have very strong banking laws and privacy regulations. Others may have policies and statutes that allow for the creation of financial vehicles that greatly increase the difficulty of locating bank accounts. Panama, for example, allows for "Bearer Bond Corporations" in ownership is determined by physical possession of shares of the owners of the corporation does not have to be in public records but is actually vested in whoever has physical possession of the bonds. Couple that oddity with the ability of such corporations to obtain anonymous credit and debit cards issued in the name of the corporation alone and things get even more difficult. What you have is a credit or debit card that can be used by anyone, in the name of a corporation whose ownership is not listed anywhere but is determined by who physically holds the shares! That can make tracing the source of funds very difficult.

When a client wants to find assets held in foreign countries, we contact an associate in the country in question from our large network of associates from around the world and try to determine how much information a search in the country in question would be likely to provide and how much it would cost. We then prepare a short proposal for our clients so they can decide if the expense is worth it.

We are living in a global economy now. More and more business is being conducted not just across state lines but also throughout the world. Although that leads to greater income for our clients, sometimes it also leads to situations where international asset searches are necessary. If that happens to your business or a business you represent, please don't hesitate to call us. It won't cost you a thing to find out what is possible.

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