Exposing Incompetent Police Investigation - Client Exonerated


Our client was involved in a two-car accident in which the other driver died. The CHP officer's report, which was very detailed with measurements, diagrams and photographs, and was 19 pages long, concluded that our client was at fault and recommended that she be prosecuted for vehicular manslaughter. Our investigation proved our client innocent.

The Story:

We reviewed the 19 page report by the CHP and discovered through careful reading that the two witnesses who were named related a chain of events that completely contradicted the CHP's conclusions. The summary of their statements was a total of seven lines on the report. We conducted exhaustive re-interviews with those witnesses, as well as additional witnesses we were able to locate by placing ads in a local newspaper. All of the witnesses completely repudiated the CHP's conclusions about the chain of events. Counsel for the client provided copies of the witness statements we had obtained to the local prosecuting attorney who reviewed them and concluded that the CHP's conclusions were faulty and that our client was innocent of any wrongdoing.

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