We were hired by a very high profile individual and his legal team to find and follow his former business manager. This business manager had stolen millions of dollars from our client and had disappeared but had been harassing him, his children and his lawyers with a barrage of angry emails and phone calls. It took following her around the country but she was finally brought to justice.

The Story:

Phase One: Was She Living on the Street?

Despite all the money that was stolen, our client suspected that this individual was living on the street in Santa Monica, CA. He wanted us to find out if this was true. We developed a plan using four investigators at the same time. We knew that her emails were coming from the Santa Monica library and the Apple store on the 3rd Street Promenade so we posted investigators at both places. We sent another investigator to check out the area around a nearby homeless shelter and the fourth one walked the bluffs were many homeless people rest and use the facilities. We knew it was like finding a needle in the haystack, but luck was with us.

We first spotted the individual at the Apple store typing away on one of the computers. We then followed her to the bluffs where a local church was providing meals. At that point, we called our client and he asked that we keep tailing her to see if she was really sleeping on the street. We followed her around the area the rest of the day and called in a second team to stay that night. She made her bed in the doorway of the J-Crew store. Our investigator bedded down across the street where he was mugged and his phone stolen. He found a pay phone and called a friend to bring him another phone and stayed watching her until morning. Then he followed her to Western Union where he witnessed her receiving money. She headed straight to Starbucks where she bought coffee for herself and a number of other homeless people.

On another day, we witnessed her having lunch with a group of religious individuals and saw one of them hand her an envelope of cash. So it appeared that she may have taken at least some of the money she absconded with and donated it to this religious group who in turn were giving her money back either by wire or in person. This could not be proven but it settled some questions our client had about what happened to at least part of his money.


Phase Two: Colorado

After finding her on the street Santa Monica, this individual continued to harass our client and his family and business associates. But, using the IP addresses of her emails, we now discovered that she had moved to Colorado, near a center run by the religious organization. We found her at that center and our investigator followed her and discovered that she was living in a nearby apartment and working as a traffic monitor for a road crew. But, her harassment campaign against our client didn’t stop or even slow down. Because we now had an address, our client could file a restraining order against her to try to stop the harassing emails and phone calls. We served her and the court issued a restraining order, which our client also domiciled in California.


Phase Three: New Jersey


Shortly thereafter, for some reason unknown to our client, she moved again – this time to New Jersey. We were again able to find her because of the IP address and information she dropped in the harassing emails she continued to send despite the restraining order. We served her again, but before anything could happen she disappeared once more.


Phase Four: Northern California


All stalking and harassing at some point comes to an end – and hopefully a safe end. Thankfully the end was finally near for this former business manager. We again located her in Northern California. We again found where she was working and followed her to where she was living. This time, however, our client was finally ready for us to contact law enforcement about her continuing harassment and violation of the restraining order. We kept on her until the police were ready to arrest her and put her on a bus back to Los Angeles to stand trial.


The judge was hard on her. She had to not only serve time but he also insisted that she go into several types of counseling programs before she could be released and paroled.

Justice was done thanks to professional and experienced surveillance investigators from around California and the U.S.

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