Toxic Tort

The investigative team at Parrent Smith Investigations is uniquely qualified for the major undertaking of conducting and managing background investigations in large toxic tort litigation, often with thousands of plaintiffs. Nic Smith has years of experience in handling the issues that are typically presented in these mass toxic tort cases. His agency was a lead investigative agency in the Stringfellow case in the 1990s, which at that time was the largest toxic tort ever, with over 3800 plaintiffs. More recently, both Parrent and Smith were the lead investigators in the San Gabriel Valley Groundwater toxic tort, with more than 1200 plaintiffs. In both cases, we were able to provide information and evidence that led to the settlement of many of the cases for greatly reduced dollar amounts.

Parrent Smith Investigations provides attorneys in toxic tort cases with well written and easy to read reports of both detailed database research and well-executed field interviews with neighbors, friends, co-workers and family. Our reports paint a picture of the plaintiff so that the defense team can make informed decisions on deposition and trial strategy for each and every individual plaintiff.

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