Undercover Investigations

Nothing tends to fit the general public's perception of what private investigators do as much as undercover investigations. Parrent Smith has conducted numerous undercover operations, some of which were ongoing for many months. Often undercover investigations are a means to uncover drug trafficking and drug use in the workplace or to catch organized gangs of thieves who infiltrate retail and wholesale enterprises. But undercover investigations can also have other unique benefits.

When properly conducted, undercover investigations can be an immense source of information about the true day-to-day operations of any business enterprise. Whether it is a manufacturing facility, a retail establishment or a "white collar" setting, undercover agents can provide business owners and corporate management with a picture of what is actually happening in the work force. Are the workers happy? What are the real personnel issues that are affecting production? Is the middle-tier management team doing their job correctly?

In one instance, a southern California firm that retained Parrent Smith thought they had a problem with drugs in the workplace. The investigation disclosed that drug use was almost non-existent, but it did reveal that there were numerous undocumented workers on the payroll who had slipped through the company's screening processes.

Undercover investigations need to be managed carefully and with deliberation. Daily de-briefings of the in-place agent are imperative. Parrent Smith knows exactly how to conduct these delicate operations. Call us for a discussion of whether or not an undercover investigation would benefit your company.

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