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Nichols J. Smith

Nichols Smith is a licensed, professional civil and criminal investigator who brings extraordinary expertise to PSI. In his 40 years in the investigation business, he has helped solve thousands of cases in the legal, corporate and law enforcement arenas. He has helped attorneys resolve complex criminal, civil, environmental and fraud related cases and helped corporations in risk assessment, negligent security matters, technical surveillance and counter measures. A court-qualified expert in security, he is also experienced in felony criminal defense, including capital murder. He is qualified to work with police departments' intelligence and homicide units, District Attorney's Investigative Units and the Federal Public Defender's office to provide expert technical/investigative assistance in high-profile cases. Early in his career, as security professional, he championed the use of non-lethal weaponry and the use of voice stress analysis as an alternative to the traditional polygraph in the detection of deception.

Smith specializes in pretrial litigation with a focus in environmental litigation support (PRP/ Toxic Tort/Private Party Cost Recovery, Proposition 65 (Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986), corporate fraud, confidential corporate investigations and difficult witness and involved principals locates. Smith is also effective in international cases. He recently helped a Venezuelan Insurance Company successfully locate and secure over $3million US, which had been stolen from them by criminals in Sri Lanka.

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Joanne Parrent

Joanne Parrent began her career as a private investigator at the behest of two California law firms, one in Los Angeles, one in San Francisco, that were seeking information for a potentially high-profile national lawsuit. For this assignment, she traveled to a Southern state where she interviewed scores of people and researched public documents in order to uncover the necessary evidence for the firms. During her investigation, she was joined by another private investigator, Alex Kline, of Alex Kline Investigation and Research in San Francisco. Mr. Kline was impressed with Parrent's work, and he subsequently hired her on Los Angeles area case. Mr. Kline also introduced Parrent to Nichols Smith, then Director of Forensic Investigations at Enviroforensics. Mr.Smith hired Parrent as a field investgator with Enviroforensics. Later, Parrent and Smith both joined Adverus, Inc., forming that company's investigative team.Finally, feeling that they could better serve their clients in a company devoted exclusively to investigations and research, they formed PSI.

Prior to her investigative career, Ms. Parrent worked as a freelance writer, author, journalist, screenwriter and documentary filmmaker for 20 years. She contributed feature and investigative articles to national and local magazines and newspapers and was the author of six non-fiction books, including two best-sellers. Ms. Parrent also produced, wrote and directed dozens of non-fiction films. This prior experience gave her an excellent eye for detail and honed her creative abilities, communication skills and investigative and research skills necessary for her work at PSI.

Ms. Parrent specializes in complex-litigation investigations, environmental historical research, database research, public records research and witness interviews. She also has experience in undercover contact with individuals.

Her full resume is below, click here.

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